The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. Video

Rough cut sample from
The Goodfather
This footage from the second of the first two
episodes filmed is notable because these scenes
were the very first ones shot for the entire series!
Filmed at Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, roller
coaster enthusiasts will enjoy the footage taken on and
around the Revolution Roller Coaster, which was the only
steel coaster in the world to include a 360 degree
vertical loop at the time!  Since the coaster had
just been built in 1976, the foliage around it
was still sparse, offering an unparalleled view
of this notable coaster in its early days!


The Goodfather clip with restored audio
This is the same scene with the audio from the final
aired episode added (recorded on a tape recorder from
the original broadcast!)  It is mostly the same except
for the addition of music and sound effects (most notably
that of the roller coaster running on the tracks during
the song.)


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