Case #13
King Cone

Date First Aired: October 23, 1976
The Secret Word Is: "Cone"
Song Performed: Fun in the Jungle
Sung By: Doomsday
The Girl: Liza, a girl with the circus, daughter of Zoltan the Great, the world’s greatest acrobat
Who She Falls For: Doc
The Villains: Comrade Snipen (who isn’t really a villain, he's just humoring Zoltan who thinks he’s King Cone)
Plot: Ice cream is being stolen from mansions all around Northeast Southweston at the same time Liza shows up to ask the Kids help in finding her father, a circus acrobat, who was supposed to arrive at the same time as their new gorilla, King Cone (who just happens to love ice cream.)  Can the two cases possibly be related?
Do they do their introduction? Yes
Does Doc charm the girl?
Yes, after she tests the thundering hoofbeats and it works!
Does Bugs go bananas? Yes
Does P.T. use Seymour? Yes
Does Doomsday eat (or plan to eat) something weird? Doomsday is preparing a roast beef at the start of the episode
Is there a Klinsinger Report? Yes
Do they go to the Krelvin Building? No, but it is mentioned
Notes: The version of Fun in the Jungle in this episode includes an introduction which isn't on the album version.

This is the only episode in which Doomsday’s ability to talk to animals is brought into play, although since King Cone isn’t technically a real gorilla but a man who thinks he’s a gorilla, does it really count?

This episode includes the only time Bugs acknowledges that he’s aware "that word" has an adverse effect on him.

Guest Stars:
Carol Ann Williams as Liza
Lennie Weinrib as Conrad Snipen
Richard Collier as Zoltan the Great


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