Case #11
Dunga Gin

Date First Aired: November 13, 1976
The Secret Word Is: "Water"
Song Performed: Tit for Tat
Sung By: Bugs
The Girl: Dunga Gin (Ginny), water delivery girl
Who Goes For Her: Bugs (she likes Bugs, too, but at the end of the episode agrees to go out with P.T.!)
The Villains: Manny and Moe Seltzer, the creators of GLOB Cola
Plot: Someone has stolen all the water in Northeast Southweston at the same time two men, Manny and Moe, start selling their innovative GLOB Cola (made with grapes, liver, oatmeal and a secret ingredient).  The Kids suspect there's a connection, but find themselves in peril while trying to find water!
Do they do their introduction? Yes
Does Doc charm the girl?
Does Bugs go bananas? Yes
Does P.T. use Seymour? Yes
Does Doomsday eat (or plan to eat) something weird?
He is eating a sandwich, but we donít know what kind
Is there a Klinsinger Report? Yes
Do they go to the Krelvin Building?
No, but it is mentioned
Notes: Dunga Gin (so named because she wears dungarees and her name is Ginny) is actually made a member of the C.A.P.E.R. team at the end of this episode, although she was never featured again.  Had the show run a second season, it would have been interesting to see if she would have been added to the group!

Guest Stars:
Valerie Landsburg as Dunga Gin

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MP3 file of Dunga Gin


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