Case #8
The Post Monster General

Date First Aired: October 30, 1976
The Secret Word Is: "Mail"
Song Performed: I Wanna Love You
Sung By: Doc
The Girl: Nanette
Who She Falls For: Bugs
The Villains: The Post Monster General
Plot: The Post Monster General is after a collection of rare stamps being kept at the police station.  But when Bugs accidentally uses the stamps to mail out invitations to the policemanís ball, can the Kids recover them before the Post Monster General gets a hold of them?
Do they do their introduction? Yes
Does Doc charm the girl?
No, and heís frustrated that she likes Bugs
Does Bugs go bananas? Yes
Does P.T. use Seymour? Yes
Does Doomsday eat (or plan to eat) something weird?
Is there a Klinsinger Report? Yes
Do they go to the Krelvin Building? No, but it is mentioned
Notes: The version of I Wanna Love You in this episode has a different second verse than on the album.  The line "Why don't we just lock the door, I'm gonna show you what your love is for" was changed to "Come on girl and take my hand, I'm gonna lead you to Lover's Land," probably because the original lyrics were a bit to risqu
ť for Saturday morning television.

Guest Stars: Reginald VelJohnson as The Post Monster General (not confirmed)


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