Case #7
The Goodfather

Date First Aired: August 13, 1977
The Secret Word Is: "Racket"
Song Performed: Rockets and Stars
Sung By: P.T.
The Girl: Unnamed meter maid (according to the script, her name was Paula)
Who She Falls For: Bugs
The Un-Villain: Waldo Big (the real villain is Bingo Big)
Plot: Everyone is confused when Northeast Southweston is hit by an un-crime wave; someone is filling parking meters and holding people down (the opposite of up) to force money and jewels on them.  The Kids are on the case to get to the bottom of these strange reverse crimes!
Do they do their introduction? Yes
Does Doc charm the girl? Yes, starts to anyway but she goes to Bugs instead
Does Bugs go bananas? No
Does P.T. use Seymour? Yes
Does Doomsday eat (or plan to eat) something weird? Yes, he buys a stack of very unusual pizzas!  Also Klinsinger brings them a pepper cake!
Is there a Klinsinger Report? No
Do they go to the Krelvin Building?
Notes: This is the second of the two "missing" early episodes which feature the guys singing "When the Big Bologna was blue . . . "  (See previous case, Mummy's the Word, for more info.)

The roller coaster footage was taken at Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, aboard the Revolution, built the same year the series was filmed.  At the time it was the only coaster in the world to feature a 360 degree vertical steel frame loop!

The scene on the coaster was the very first footage shot for the series!

The early revised draft of the script varied quite a bit from the segments included in the revamped version later shown on television.  It also included interesting character development which explains some of the long-standing mysteries about C.A.P.E.R.!  You can read more about this by visiting the Character Development page!

Guest Stars: Dianne Kay as the meter maid


You can view some rare, rough cut footage from this episode, as well as one
of the scenes restored with the final audio, embedded on our
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Many thanks to Kathy Wheeler for recording the episodes back in the day and sharing them so that we were able to provide copies here!
MP3 file of The Goodfather


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