Case #1
Too Much Time on Their Hands

Date First Aired: September 11, 1976
The Secret Word Is: "Time"
Song Performed: When It Hit Me (The Hurricane Song)
Sung By: Doc
The Girl: Rosemary Time, girl scientist
Who She Falls For: Doc
The Villains: Two bad guys, one of whom is named Charlie
Plot: Girl scientist, Rosemary Time, has invented a time machine for two men who want to exploit history to make money, but the machine is malfunctioning, randomly zapping people back in time (like a hurricane).  The Kids must figure out how to stop the machine before time runs out and the bad guys catch up with them in the past!
Do they do their introduction? Yes
Does Doc charm the girl?
Does Bugs go bananas? Yes
Does P.T. use Seymour? No
Does Doomsday eat (or plan to eat) something weird? Yes (cooking a tuna fish burrito)
Is there a Klinsinger Report? Yes
Do they go to the Krelvin Building? No
The version of The Hurricane Song in this episode is longer than the version on the album, with an entire second verse added.  The demo single version of the song is the same as on the album, so perhaps the long version is only ever heard in this episode.

Itís kind of an in-joke when Sgt. Vinton goes back to the old west, since actor Robert Emhardt appeared in many western television series and movies during his career.

Guest Stars: Rita Wilson as Rosemary Time


You can view the long version of When It Hit Me (The Hurricane Song)
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MP3 file of Too Much Time on Their Hands


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