Dianne Kay is probably best known to fans for her role as Nancy Bradford on the popular ABC series Eight is Enough.  But did you know her very first role in Hollywood was as an ingenue meter maid in The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. episode 'The Goodfather' (which was one of the first episodes filmed but shown later in the series as one of the "When the Big Bologna Was Blue" entries?)  We were thrilled when Dianne offered to share her memories of working on C.A.P.E.R. with us!

"The Kids from Caper was the very first television show that I was on when I came to Los Angeles in 1976.  One week earlier, I had graduated from The University of Arizona with a degree in theater and communications and had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it.  At the time my agent was Nina Blanchard, the famous modeling agent.  She was trying to expand her agency into television and she sent me out on a cold call audition for a role on The Kids from Caper.  I had literally been in Los Angeles for less than a week.  It was my first audition and I remember the director was Stan Cherry who directed such famous shows as Gilligan's Island, Flipper, The Addams Family, Petticoat Junction, etc.  I auditioned for Stan and the casting director, Joan Barnett, and they liked my interpretation of the role I was to play (the meter maid), and they compared me to a young Judy Holliday.  The next day, Nina Blanchard told me that I had gotten the part.  I quickly ran to SEARS to buy more underwear because I had only packed for a week's stay!

"One of the main locations of my episode, 'The Goodfather,' was Magic Mountain.  I had to ride that horrible, Revolution roller coaster which was known throughout the country in 1976 as one of the most terrifying rides known to man!"

Dianne sent us this photo from the set of the Kids from C.A.P.E.R. episode "The Goodfather,"
taken at Magic Mountain.  Dianne speculates that since they all look so fresh, the photo must
have been taken BEFORE their numerous takes on the dreaded roller coaster!  You can see
a larger version of this picture by clicking

"The stars of the show, the macho teenager heartthrobs, were all turning green after the 50th take on that god-awful ride!  I have a teenage son who loves roller coasters and to this day I cannot go near one without feeling sick!"


"Since I had just arrived from Arizona, I was still trying to get my bearings and understand the business.  The entire cast and crew were so warm and made me feel at ease playing my part.  After we wrapped my episode, Joan Barnett took me under her wing and suggested that I get a theatrical agent if I wanted to become a serious actor.  I took her advice and six months later I was cast as Nancy Bradford on the hit television series Eight is Enough."

Dianne appeared in a scene with Steve on Eight is Enough.

"Currently, I am developing a television show called “Seconds” which is a parody that follows five middle-aged women who are in their second stages of life."

Dianne was so generous with her memories, and not only is she absolutely wonderful but she's also an inspiration, having battled kidney cancer and now taking on a whole new phase of her career.  We are very excited about Dianne's upcoming project, Seconds, and will definitely keep you up-to-date with information about the series!  Many, many thanks to Dianne for taking the time to tell us about her work on C.A.P.E.R.!

Diane was also kind enough to provide us with a copy of the script for The Goodfather, which includes some very interesting early character development of the Kids and the show, and you can read it by clicking here!

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